Harrel-RacingStandard – die Straße

Harrel-RS is the consequent completion of a toy that has remained almost unchanged for more than 50 years. The first modular slot car racetrack worth to be called a road. For car fans, racing drivers, SlotCar clubs, childhood dreamers and friends of beautiful things. For everyone who really wants to take off.

Harrel-RacingStandard - hit the road!


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Always a good figure

Both SlotCars in scale 1:24 and cars in scale 1:32 can be driven on a Harrel-RacingStandard roadway. For drivers who like it sporty, edge strips offer the necessary outlet at the drift, crash barriers made of transparent plastic increase safety. Up to eight lanes can be driven parallel on a Harrel-RS road, color-coded on request. An adapter module creates the connection to other manufacturers and enables digital driving, for example. Lap counting and timing are possible with corresponding Harrel-RS modules. And the modular design allows crossings without special bridge modules.

Pure driving pleasure

Harrel-RS promises a lasting driving pleasure on an extremely stable and at the same time highly flexible track. The sophisticated design promises optimum connectivity between the parts, high conductivity with minimum contact resistance and a long working life for generations.


Harrel-RacingStandard offers the best of all SlotCar worlds. The stability of a wooden track meets the flexibility of a modular plastic track. In addition, there are numerous improvements that are quite impressive. With Harrel-RS, the SlotCar track becomes a road.

Harrel Basic+

Not only for beginners. A single-track track that is ideally suited as a test track. Consisting of two turning circles and a special connection module, the Basic+ can be extended as required. This opens up a world of undreamt-of design possibilities.

The Harrel-RS route planner

With the Harrel-RS route planner every customer builds his own road. The generated bill of materials is sent to the Harrel-RS online shop and is visible there as an order. To make sure that the design really works and nothing is forgotten, the order is checked by our team and adjusted if necessary. Afterwards the customer can buy his Harrel-RS track.

To buy only here

The Harrel-RacingStandard street is only available here on this site. Via the track planner or directly via our online shop. There you will find all Harrel-RacingStandard modules and parts, as well as our Harrel-RS Basic+. The shop will be extended continuously, in the near future you will find everything the Harrel world has to offer. 


With the Klarna payment system, payment can be extended to up to 24 flexible monthly instalments. It can be adjusted at any time and controlled via the Klarna app.
Additionally we offer Paypal and direct bank transfer as payment options.

what the people say

Markus Goetz and friends of Amazing Slotcarracing Netherlands give a first impression


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red dot award

Not only from fans Harrel-RS receives highest praise. In 2019 Harrel-RS received the RedDot Award. This internationally renowned award goes annually to products that stand out due to their excellent design.

die Straße

The Harrel-RS Straße is a hybrid of plastic, wood and metal. The perfect combination of well-known SlotCar worlds, but without their equally well-known weaknesses.


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