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let others call their’s tracks!

Harrel-RS sets new standards in slot car racing. For car fans, racing drivers, slot car clubs, childhood dreamers and lovers of beautiful things. Harrel-RacingStandard offers the optimal road for all those who want to really take off.

Pure driving pleasure

Harrel-RS promises lasting driving pleasure on both an extremely stable and, at the same time, highly flexible track. The road modules are a composite of wood (MDF), plastic and metal. The sophisticated design promises optimum connectivity between the parts, high conductivity with minimum contact resistance and longevity over generations.

Mass Compatible

Harrel-RS road modules have the same the size of common suppliers on a scale of 1:24, making the track ready for all slot cars on a scale of 1:24 and 1:32. An adapter module makes Harrel-RacingStandard compatible with track parts from market leader Carrera. This will make access to Harrel-RacingStandard much easier for SlotCar enthusiasts.

Market launch 2019

Harrel-RS finds itself on the home stretch. After more than ten years of research and development, the right partners have been found and the manufacturing processes have been set in motion. What comes next is fine-tuning. We invite all slot car fans – and those who wish to become fans – to experience the last few meters with us. In our news blog “Home Stretch”, on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, you can watch us as we race towards the finish line. It’s worth reading! Be part of the Harrel Story!

Finish Line

The Harrel-RacingStandard NewsBlog

Connected Pt. II

The faulty power supply of standard SlotCar “lanes” is a well maintained annoyance. As long as there are SlotCar tracks, the loss of voltage inevitably accompanies the extension of a tracks. This is nerving. We think that a road deserves something better. So for a long time we have been experimenting with a solution that makes it possible to build longer distances. Without having to plan an additional feed every few meters.

Stainless steel sheet is an extremely poor conductor of electrical energy. The guide rails of current SlotCar tracks are made of stainless steel, and we also want to stick to this material for the Harrel-RS road. In order to counteract the resistance, the poor conductivity of stainless steel we rely on copper. Copper conducts electricity very well. So in every Harrel-RS module a thick copper cable connects plug, guide rail and socket. This allows the current to flow through the copper cable and only passes the current to the guide rail. The plug connections on the modules are made of brass, with gold-plated plug baskets. This ensures that the current also experiences as little resistance as possible at the transitions from module to module. By way of comparison: with standard rails, the current flows from stainless steel sheet to stainless steel sheet via a small plug-in connection.

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Push the Button!

Harrel-RS.com now also available in English.


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the Press in the house

The Solinger Morgenpost visits Harrel-RacingStandard

As part of the Manufaktur Dannert group of companies, Harrel-RacingStandard GmbH can look back on a long company tradition. After all, production has been going on at the site for more than 100 years. It goes without saying that the local press always keeps an eye on economic developments in the area. A new company, such as Harrel-RacingStandard GmbH, attracts attention. And so, we received a visit from a friendly employee of the Solinger Morgenpost, the local edition of the Rheinische Post, which is published nationwide. Fred-Lothar Melchior was well prepared and posed many inquisitive questions, which we all gladly answered. By the end of our meeting we had gained a new, convinced Harrel-RacingStandard fan.

The article can also be read in the online version of the Rheinische Post

Shop Talk

Fred-Lothar Melchior from the Solinger Morgenpost in conversation with Harrel-RS company founder Harald Dannert.

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In Baden Württemberg, in the south of Germany, we have found the right partner for our metal goods. The plugs and sockets, which are installed in the Harrel-RS contact modules, are specially manufactured there for us. Modern, computer-controlled turning and milling machines ensure that every part is produced to a consistent quality. The company also assembles the gold-plated plug receptacles. The precious metal alloy helps to ensure that Harrel-RS tracks can manage for longer without an intermediate current supply.

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Harrel-RS 45er

Harrel-RS means movement, so it’s no wonder that we rely on videos in our communication. Our YouTube channel is regularly updated with clips showing Harrel-RS in action.
The series “Harrel-RS 45er” is a prelude. In 45 seconds, we show interesting sights from the world of Harrel. Short, concise, raw.

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Harrel-RS on Social Media

Harrel-RacingStandard fully relies on social media. News about the state of development, activities such as test drive events, product photos and videos are ideally disseminated via social media channels. Contacting us will become simpler and more transparent and the fans can also easily exchange ideas with each other.

Welcome to the Harrel-RacingStandard Community!


The ideal platform for international contact. Slot car fans from all over the world will become aware of Harrel-RS and will encourage us with their consistently positive feedback and enthusiasm. We welcome lively sharing of our content and a plenty of “thumbs up” on our Harrel-RS Facebook profile.


YouTube is probably the most popular of all Internet video providers. Clips on YouTube can be easily shared and integrated into posts. The Harrel-RS YouTube channel will fill up in the coming weeks and months with interesting VIDEOS about the ultimate slot car road. Harrel-RS 45er already provides insights into the world of Harrel. Short, succinct, to the point.


Harrel-RacingStandard is visually a very appealing product. We just can’t help it, we must take pictures of our road all the time. Of course, we want to share it with our fans. Instagram is the ideal channel for this and offers the option of direct contact. We are very pleased with the positive response to our Instagram account!


Lovers of beautiful things love Pinterest. When they discover something, they like on the net, they share it on their pinboard and are happy when others are happy too. We find that our Harrel-RS modules look so good that they should be shared abundantly. Of course, there is also a Harrel-RS pinboard.

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