Von doc. b | 31.07.2019 | Zielgerade Blog

Many of the slotters we’ve met so far are particularly interested in the question of whether the Harrel-RS can also be used for crossings. They can be used! We do not (yet) offer any bridge ramp modules, but gentle ascents and descents can be easily realized with our road modules.
The Gaydon Ring gains a lot of dynamics with the gradient. The height enables overpasses, making more compact route layouts possible.

Over a distance of one meter we reached a height difference of 18 cm in our test setup. Measured in the middle of the road. This would also allow 132 model trucks to fit underneath. On our Gaydon Ring – which was built in free propulsion over barrels – we used height-adjustable stilts for the substructure. This makes it possible to model gradients very well, even over curves. With a substructure plate the construction would gain even more stability, but our setting offers the advantage to be able to adjust the height exactly and sensitively. The ascent is distributed very gently over the track modules, the cars glide smoothly over the track, this can be seen in the videos.

The on-board camera gives a good impression of the ascents and descents from an unusual perspective.

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Von doc. b | 31.07.2019 | Zielgerade Blog


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