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Harrel-RS – when toys grow up …

Merry Christmas, health and all the best for 2021, wishes the Harrel-RacingStandard – Team!


Spontaneous wishes can easily end up on a wish list – small things and big things – and with a bit of luck, they end up under the Christmas tree.
But you don’t just wish for a Harrel Racing Standard.
The idea of getting a Harrel always turns into a project. Careful consideration precede, perhaps a visit or two to the Solingen showroom for first “tests”.
Questions are being collected and asked.
Gradually, one begins to save money in a targeted manner… discusses the project with the family.
The first cars are purchased as preliminary and one starts to dream.

A first concrete idea in the direction of a Harrel-RS BASIC+ is born.
This purchase is never in vain, because all Basic+ components can later be used in a large-scale system.

Only 1 CLICK leads to happiness: https://harrel-rs.com/en/produkt/basic/

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Von doc. b | 16.12.2020 | Zielgerade Blog


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