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on 13 and 14 March second open day at Harrel-RacingStandard
It’s a matter for the boss!

After we started our online shop and with it the sale of Harrel last October, 6 exciting months lie behind us. During this time we have spoken with hundreds of slot racers and those who want to become one. At fairs, at events, on the phone, by mail and in our showroom.

Several layouts were built and delivered. All of them have found a home in the private 4 walls of the buyers. Some of them are used in combination with plastic tracks via adapter module GAC-3. Others are the foundation for a timeless hobby, where only a few modules were used at the beginning and now successive extensions are bought.

The feedback from all those customers certifies that we are on the right track. Our vision to catapult slot racing into the 21st century with a revolutionary new road has been fulfilled.

Hobbies are important and provide balance and relaxation in everyday life. The many people who are deprived of the fun of driving by mass traffic or who are denied the inaccessibility of their dream car can now finally be helped.  Driving as a real hobby is possible again today – with slot racing.

Meanwhile there are many beautiful and also technically mature car models of different manufacturers as slotcars. Both in the widely used 1/32nd scale, as well as in 1/24th scale, both scales can be used and staged perfectly on Harrel Street.

We think it’s time to give these great cars a proper road surface. Finally you can change with high quality vehicles, away from toys, to a convincing “Straße”.

I founded Harrel because driving a car and my hobby are very important to me and a revival of slotcar racing is a matter close to my heart. I hope that the still existing clubs will get a new influx. Also from younger drivers. We must make the hobby more interesting and above all make it known again.

It has never been my aim to make the previous suppliers of car racing tracks look bad. On the contrary! As a toy, in my opinion, such a track belongs in every child’s room.
My target group are those who take this hobby seriously and have developed demands over the years that a toy can no longer meet.

In order to give you the opportunity for a personal conversation and extensive tests, I will open the doors again with my team in our company in Solingen.


13 March from 14.00 – 19.00

and on

14 March from 10.00 – 15.00

You are cordially invited and encouraged to bring your own vehicles and controllers if you are interested. See for yourself how it could be. In the future – at your home.

I am looking forward to you !

Cordially, your

Harald Dannert

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Von dannert | 19.02.2020 | Zielgerade Blog


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