Von doc. b | 30.08.2019 | Zielgerade Blog

Unfortunately, we didn’t make it all the way there. Actually we wanted to finish with our Onlineshop this month but a few ambiguities still hold us up a bit. Nevertheless we stand to our word and announce here and today the Harrel-RacingStandard sales start. The shop page first presents the most important one: The price list. Orders can be placed immediately, even if this must take place by e-mail for the time being. For this please tell us the product name and the desired quantity. For the order of drafts from the route planner please mail the code, we will then get in touch with you.

The regular online shop will be activated shortly. Then we will also publish an optimized version of the route planner in German and English language.

For the time being it was important to us to let the cat out of the bag, which everyone was waiting for. The price list.

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Von doc. b | 30.08.2019 | Zielgerade Blog


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