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Open Showroom in Solingen

On 15 June 2019 we opened the doors of our showroom to the public for the first time. In the past months there was already a lot of exchange with SlotCar fans who are very interested in our system and we wanted to give them the opportunity to get in touch with Harrel-RacingStandard. Also the local press was very interested in this event and brought today a report in the Rheinischen Post.

Come Together!

In the future, we will be holding our “Open Showroom” again and again. If you are interested, please contact us – preferably by e-mail – and we will be happy to make an appointment. Last Saturday showed that such a meeting always enables a lively exchange, for people who have only one thing in mind: “let’s go racing”. In this sense, see you soon!

Digital also!

The Harrel-RS adapter module can also be used to install Carrera track parts. This opens the door to digital driving, e.g. when a Carrera Digital turnout is interposed.

Glass manufactory

The “open showroom” takes place in the Harrel-RS assembly hall. This allows a deep insight behind the scenes of the Harrel-RacingStandard production and gives plenty of material for professional talk.

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Von doc. b | 19.06.2019 | Zielgerade Blog


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