Von doc. b | 07.02.2019 | Zielgerade Blog

No racetrack without Curbs

To ensure that racing cars don’t end up in banquets or ditches in rapid curves with the rear, there are curbs in the racing mode. Red/white striped edge extensions of the track. This also applies to Slot Racing. For racing cars on a scale of 1:24 it could be a bit narrow at high speed, so there will be track widenings with curbs for the Harrel-RS as well. Subtle on the straights and extra wide on the outer curves. But always designed in a way that even the thickest American muscle cars have enough room for expression. The Harrel-RS Curbs will be available in any curve radius and for any straight line. Like the road modules, the curbs are made of black MDF dyed through, painted in asphalt grey with added quartz sand for a non-slip surface structure. The colour for the boundary strip and the red/white colour patches is applied by screen printing. The curbs can be mounted directly to the road modules via a connecting element and on the outer edge there are even devices for mounting a guardrail.

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Von doc. b | 07.02.2019 | Zielgerade Blog


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