Von doc. b | 31.03.2020 | Zielgerade Blog

10% discount for all until April 13th 2020


Dear Harrel Community.
Obviously our riddle was harder than we thought.
At least that’s what the numerous reactions in the past days show us. Instead of discounted orders there were a lot of requests for solutions.
We are not looking for hare races and Easter nests. It is also not the Easter star in the currently clear sky.
It should be easy; maybe we have overshot the mark and made it too easy.

Therefore here is once again the riddle picture:

An „O“ and a „Star“ = the german word Ostern.

Now it’s out of the box. After all, we’re here to give away discounts, not play the Riddle Kings.
So: Stop looking for eggs; instead go to the Harrel-RS Onlineshop, compose your order, enter Ostern and get 10% discount.

Enjoy shopping and stay healthy!

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Von doc. b | 31.03.2020 | Zielgerade Blog


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